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These decisions have implications for biodiversity, habitats and ecosystems, as well as how successful it will be in trapping carbon.

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What impact will those trees have on the soil? Because the trees are important for holding carbon, but the soils are really important, too… In existing Irish forests, the soils are a significant reservoir for carbon.

Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!

Boyle says more carbon is lost from soils in agriculture, for example from tilling, than from soils in forestry, which means taking land out of agriculture and into forestry could be a good, positive thing from the perspective of controlling emissions and storing carbon. I think there has to be some kind of sell on this initially, because this is not going to be your conventional forest cover I think.

Those tensions are there both for farmers and for non-farmers, like in Leitrim.

This more nuanced approach could have a whole range of values for local communities, and tourism, but could also be combined with sheep or cattle grazing in the understory and some level of harvesting of materials for construction, a sustainable way of doing things that has a long European history.

Farmers could be waiting years to see returns on forestry, which is where the afforestation grant scheme comes in, to compensate for loss of income and reward farmers for making the decision. But whether rates of planting will increase again is "crystal ball gazing," Farrelly says.

But for farmers to do that, there are barriers that will need to be overcome. Success of the plan depends in part on whether or not farmers will get on-board and judging by difficulties in the past it could be an uphill battle.


Trees For Neighborhoods

Analysis from Teagasc , referenced in the Climate Action Plan , has highlighted that there are considerable barriers to uptake within the farming community. So what needs to be done to get more farmers to consider forestry? He believes farmers are more aware of not just the economic benefits of forestry, but also climate and carbon aspects, as well as biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Farmers have different motivations and some may see forestry as a pension investment, a way to plan for retirement, or a way to pass on their portfolio, be it commercial forestry, or planting native woodland or riparian planting, Farrelly says. One way of increasing interest would be to encourage farmers to diversify, with forestry as one part of the farm.

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Integrating forestry into farms, maybe deliver ecosystem services, carbon services, timber services. Read: 6 alternative ways for Irish farmers to use their land. Trees are all positive.

Hello Forest Friends

National Weather Warning. Brainstorm About Brainstorm Contribute to Brainstorm. When you cross a busy intersection or pore over a spreadsheet, you are depleting finite reserves of voluntary, directed attention. The antidote is not, as one might first guess, to sit quietly in a darkened room. Urban environments can certainly elicit involuntary attention honking horns in Times Square , but they do so in a harsh, peremptory way that requires voluntary attention to override.

As a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, a decade ago, Berman conducted a study in which he sent volunteers on a fifty-minute walk through either an arboretum or city streets, then gave his subjects a cognitive assessment. Those who had taken the nature walk performed about twenty per cent better than their counterparts on tests of memory and attention.

Not surprisingly, those whose directed attention is most depleted seem to get the biggest benefits: an end-of-workday nature romp probably packs a greater restorative punch than one first thing in the morning, and the boost is five times bigger in people who have been diagnosed with clinical depression. You can produce an attenuated version of the same effect simply by looking out a window, or for experimental convenience at a picture of a nature scene.

The Tree Atlas

To do this, they broke down images into their visual components: the proportion of straight to curved edges, the hue and saturation of the colors, the entropy a statistical measure of randomness in pixel intensity , and so on. Even when images are scrambled so that there are no recognizable features, like trees or skyscrapers, to betray what they represent, their low-level visual characteristics still predict how much people will like them.

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Perhaps we will reconceive our cities and move toward richly hued streetscapes and buildings with fractal patterning that whispers to our nature-starved souls. His results reveal a clear and consistent hierarchy. A walk in the woods trumps a picture of a tree, which trumps an abstract image, no matter how soothing.

tree | Structure, Uses, Importance, & Facts | Britannica

Something deep within us responds to the three-dimensional geometry of nature, and that is where arguments of economic equivalence, however well intentioned, fall short. If someone offers you ten thousand dollars or ten trees, take the trees. Recommended Stories. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day.