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Therese of the Child Jesus, saints to whom he had great devotion. On the back of the picture of St. Joseph is the famous text of St. Teresa of Jesus about the efficacy of devotion to the Holy Patriarch. On various occasions when, having spoken with him, I asked for his blessing, he always invoked these saints and in addition placed me under the protection of St.

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Pope Francis: Keys to His Thought Friday, 27 September 0 Comments Many of thee books I read or glanced at over the recent six months have not been too helpful in understanding the newly elected Pope, Francis. Opus Dei Pope Francis. About the author.

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Tag Cloud. The final document at Puebla links evangelization of culture with what had traditionally been thought of as Catholic social teaching, and states, "it is no longer a matter of the Church's social ministry, but it is simply pastoral ministry or evangelization, which includes, as an integral part, the social dimension or advancement of the human in terms of development and liberation. The Puebla document also notes that "new situations that arise from sociocultural changes call for a new evangelization," a theme that would become dominant in the pontificate of St.

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Pope John Paul II, even as that theme took on a different character during the reign of the Polish pontiff. But for both Puebla and John Paul II, and quite different from our American penchant for separating not only church and state but religion and society, the liberation brought about by the Gospel, "takes in all the different dimensions of life: the social, the political, the economic, the cultural, and all their interrelationships. Through all these dimensions must flow the transforming treasure of the Gospel. Pope John Paul II at his inaugural Mass the previous October when he proclaimed, "Open wide the doors for Christ," and enumerated the doors of culture, economy and even state that he proposed to open.

They express a mystique that is manifest in its own [popular, cultural] manner," an "experience of interior pilgrimage" that relies on "the internal action of grace. This is theology that stands with the people, with actual real people and the culture they create, celebrating precisely those religious expressions that modern and learned folk disdain.

It correctly notes the ways that in modern, globalized culture "man has been reduced to one of his needs alone: consumption" and that there are remedies in law a nation can adopt to address the ills that flow therefrom.


It is, I believe, the absence of any normative international legal structure that often makes papal teaching in this area sound completely unrealistic. Tweet this. The section on "the pathology of power" should be a must-read for all Catholics in positions of authority, lay or clerical alike. It certainly shapes Pope Francis' frequent exhortations against worldly clergy and against pride in general.


*UPDATED* Does Cardinal Burke think Francis is an antipope?

This is a marvelous book and an important one. While reading it, I have been in the midst of renovating the old farmhouse in which I grew up. As I explained to one of my favorite pastors, such an endeavor is an almost daily temptation to be immersed in middle-class and upper middle-class fretting about styles and money, so easy to forget to be grateful that, unlike too many of my fellow humans, I have a roof over my head and food on my plate. As I have observed before, the great gift of Latino immigration into the United States is that they are saving Catholicism, which was in danger of becoming an upper middle-class club for people with conservative sexual ethics.

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