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When asked by Elizabeth Dean whether he was writing for white readers, the author replied: "Yes. I had a very clear idea of who I was writing for. An adventure story. Yet, in the novel Tommy brings up the similarities between the English traditions in their place of origins and the relationship his people have to the land: "Most of them have come across from a little island called England.

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Their mob are fairly old and at one time they used to be pretty close to the land. These mob got no love in them. The reader is led to wonder whether the dreams are just stalling techniques used by the writer to create suspense, or to give the reader information, or if those dreams, coming back to someone who will be used as a decoy and is soon resisting the new Australian authority, are to be understood as more than narrative techniques, that is to say, as a message of the land to Angela.

As opposed to her husband, Angela sees Australia, and Townsville as a place of origin and belonging, to which she relates through memories, experiences and emotions, as she tells Frank: "Australia is home. All my dreams are of Australia. I was born there. I am an Australian. Three generations ago, my family made the mistake of thinking that Rhodesia was home. A nation that nobody else is going to claim. With Rhodesia it was all of Africa, with Australia it is really all of Asia.

I want to find a real home. It is a problem contained. There is no huge, populous nation next door claiming the place.

At least I belong there. Look at yourself, you are a European like me. The notion of a possible deconstruction of topography or territory, rather than of home, occurs to her in two different ways: through the changing of international borders, and through learning that belonging can take on different meanings.

In the buffer zone, she meets an Aborignal woman thanks to whom she begins to understand the sense of country and of the songlines of the continent:. The older woman half-closed her eyes.

I belong here You got to belong. When I lie down with a man to make babies, this earth make my children. You are not its Chosen Ones, and neither were we," Angela says to an Indonesian army officer p. Surmising that the new colonisation benefited "anyone whose interests were best served by an Asian republic in northern Australia," Matthew, another character, also tells her: "the devil was really there.. Grieve not, young Kadaitcha. We will be strong again " This theme, an inscription within the texts that the land is a living entity, is a recurrent trait in Aboriginal and more broadly Indigenous literatures.

We know that. Societies like Australia and the USA, and, indeed, this place, are experimental. Apart from anything else, they are isolated from the other new world nations, and they are surrounded by huge indigenous populations, which must some day claim them. I would argue that the book gives a different perspective, by reminding that Eric Willmot has with Below the Line resorted to the genre of novelist writing, that it is repeated many times in the book that the partition of the country "might be the best solution," and that Angela decides to go back to what is her dismembered but still homeland called the Republic of South Irian at the end of the novel.

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Moreover, as Smaro Kamboureli said 6 , "Representation is a matter of construction, always something that stands in for something else," and certain Aboriginal tribes seem to have been able to take advantage of the situation. A puppet situation, they even have an Aboriginal man as President. The text certainly involves a politics of interpretation, which lifts the veil of ideology and power relation and reveals History as it has been conveyed to us: the justification of the colonisation of the Australian continent by the British crown.

Holding the Kadaitcha Booka Roth and his allies responsible for the mists lifting over the South Land is another strategy used by Sam Watson to reinforce the agency of Aboriginal people in his book. He explained: "even the death of Tommy Gubba, that was still part of that dreamtime process. So, Aboriginal people are in absolute control, in every step of that novel.

Tommy, for example, has to deal with his two heritages, with differences inscribed within himself: "Fleurs Peter is white. She has descended from an Aryan race that had walked through the distant plains and forests of greater Europe. But she is my mother, he admitted to himself.

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I carry her blood in my veins, so these white maniacs here are my tribe as well. Do I have two camps? Sam Watson explained why he wanted Tommy to be both an insider and an outsider as follows:.

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Each one of us is a product of our environment, a product of our own blood lines. These present events have the greatest significance and power when they are made to resonate down to the mythic layers of the past. New consciousness arises in the two novels from the encounter with the other, which are often violent encounters.

The increasing build-up of violence in The Kadaitcha Sung, and the violence at the beginning of Below the Line have respectively been criticized as excessive, and, also as unnecessary respectively Gelder , Lever ; Gelder Thus, moments of unbearable and intense violence suggest that some truths must be told in their sheer brutality and without guises.

Delta hated the Asian and European worlds that had brought her into being, but had given her no place in either. Yet both novels take the readers through a series of perspectives, leading them to become familiar with the unfamiliar, to begin to make sense of silent subtexts and contexts, and thus be challenged to acknowledge and see their own cultural, and territorial, perspectives.

This must be remembered as the literary space is often considered, and also claimed as such by many Aboriginal writers, as a locus for freedom. Sam Watson commented his choice of the fiction genre as follows:. And last year and the year before, we saw the enormous impact of the Rabbit-Proof Fence. Aboriginal stories, Aborignal lives have to be shared with the broader audience, and they can have a great impact and be very very important and become part of the national ethos, and also build blocks towards true reconciliation.

So I recommend it. They also reveal, as Bachelard said , that "as soon as you put language in its place [ Bachelard , Gaston.

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Paris: Corti, Baker , Suzanne. October : Davies , Bronwyn. Bronwyn Davies eds. Gelder , Ken. Gelder , Ken and Jane M. Griffiths , Gareth.

Davis eds. November 25, by Ines Johnson 3 Comments. Bloggers and authors come together to display some of the best multicultural and interracial books on the market.


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If you say good things, I pat myself on the back and get to work on the next book.