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In dat kader de volgende vragen aan de Raad:. Welke data en locaties betroffen deze reizen? De Raad heeft geen informatie over de namen van de deelnemers. Congressman Ted Poe has also recently sent a letter to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey urging him to disclose the state of affairs of this long-standing issue. What were the dates and the locations of those trips? The Council has no information on the names of the participants.

Since , the budget for the Public Investment Programme PIP has fallen sharply, thereby helping to reduce costs, but by the same token aggravating the recession and unemployment. In reality the reduction is even greater, given the contraction in GDP due to the prolonged recession. In view of the above, will the Commission say:. Taking into account the co-funding needs of projects for the programming period and the development legislation, does it take the view that the proposed PIP appropriations for and for the years and , respectively, are sufficient or will there be delays in payments for projects and funding gaps?

Does it know the amount of outstanding funding for the national PIP sub-programme and categories of project that will probably remain unfinished due to the swingeing budget cuts? Will it work together with the Greek authorities to redesign the PIP based completely on an integrated multiannual national plan for the reconstruction of the economy, of production and of the labour market? The Commission is very concerned in the discussion with the Greek authorities to ensure that adequate funds are in place to meet the co-financing requirements relating to the projects funded by EU structural funds both during the programme and going forward.

The investment budget has to the greatest extent possible been shielded from budgetary cuts. It is our clear view that there are sufficient budget appropriations to avoid any delays in implementing the projects. The Commission does not have specific information about any projects that have been delayed by budget cuts. The Public Investment Budget can play a very important role in fostering renewed economic growth and prosperity in Greece.

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As a result, the programme has explicitly focused on accelerating the absorption of structural funds by simplifying procedures and enhancing monitoring mechanisms. The Greek Government has set the same price for diesel fuel and heating oil, causing the price of the latter to rise from 0.

The result has been a sharp fall in demand for heating oil, which has led to a fall in government revenue and the creation of an incredible situation in Greek cities: Greek consumers are now forced to burn in their fireplaces and stoves any wood, paper as well as other inappropriate materials which come to hand. This has created clouds of smog over Athens and other Greek cities. Have the Greek authorities been asked when they intend to take serious practical measures to stop the unprecedented degradation of the environment in Greek cities?

Has a proposal been put to the Greek authorities to deal rationally with the price of heating oil in order to restore a normal situation on the market, to secure revenue for the government and to eliminate the hazardous smog clouds hanging over Greek cities?

The Risorgimento Revisited

The Commission has an ongoing legal case on airborne particles PM10 infringement with the aim of urging Greece to keep the period of noncompliance as short as possible. While the press has recently reported about some upcoming initiatives of the Greek Government to reduce the taxation on fuels, the Commission is not aware of any initiative in this respect.

The equalisation of heating oil has been decided by the Greek Government, in consultation with the. Such changes arise from greater scientific precision of the boundaries of the areas affected. Is the Commission aware of the fact that Parliament has not adopted any legal proposal to set up an EU PNR system and has refused to vote on such a proposal for months? Is the Commission aware of the fact that its role under the Treaties is to propose legislation and not to present the legislative bodies with a fait accompli? The Commission published the call for proposals as it considers that the collection, processing, analysis and exchange of PNR data is necessary to effectively prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute terrorist offences and serious crime, and thus enhance internal security.

The call for proposals is a stand-alone funding action within the ISECprogramme. Unlike the legislative proposal, which would make it obligatory for all Member States to set up a competent authority to collect, store and analyse PNR data, the call for proposals aims at supporting individual Member States that voluntarily set up a national PNR system on the basis of national law. Komisijos reglamento EB Nr. Vadovaujantis reglamento EB Nr. Komisijos reglamentu EB Nr. Does the Commission not think that this ban on importing poultry from third countries into the territory of the European Union is disproportionate and has a negative impact on the European Union market, and that this possibly makes production more expensive and has a negative impact on the end consumer?

Does it not think that we need to change the established practice so that the producers could, having fulfilled relevant conditions, bring such poultry offspring into the European Union? There is a well-defined procedure in place for listing third countries for imports of all or certain commodities covered by this regulation. Hungary requested the extradition of Francis Tobin from the Dublin authorities, but they refused, citing legal reasons. Public opinion in Hungary is dissatisfied with the failure to resolve this situation. For Hungarian public opinion and the Hungarian authorities the main thing is not that Francis Tobin should serve his sentence in Hungary, but that he should serve it somewhere.

It is unacceptable that legal loopholes should make it possible for the culprit to live out his days unpunished. In the light of the above, what instruments does the Presidency have at its disposal to help this case to reach a conclusion that satisfies not just the law but also the interests of justice, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice? The European arrest warrant, which replaced the previous system of extradition between the Member States, is based on the principle of mutual recognition and trust.

Besides the European arrest warrant, there are also other legal tools which aim at the strengthening of freedom, security and justice in the European Union.

The tragic case raised by the Honourable Member relates to a bilateral case which has been dealt with by judicial authorities in the Member States concerned. It is not for the Council to comment on decisions taken by national courts. In the light of the above, how does the Commission plan to intervene in the Tobin case during this Presidency period, particularly since Ireland has just assumed the Presidency of the Council?

What measures does it propose to take to enable this case to reach a conclusion that satisfies not just the law but also the interests of justice, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice? The Commission sympathises with the distress of the parents of the children who died in this tragic case.

It also recognises that respect for the European Judicial area.

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Once aware of the case, the Commission immediately responded. The EU instruments that could have been applied to settle this case were not implemented in time or at all by the Member State concerned. Borders should not be an impediment to carrying out criminal proceedings and to enforcing the outcome. The Commission will publish a report in mid including the state of implementation of this framework Decision.

The Commission understands that all legal procedures in Ireland have been exhausted after the matter was judged by the Supreme Court of Ireland, whose decision is final. Therefore, with regard to the essential respect for the independence of the judiciary and of judicial decisions, the Commission has no competence to further intervene in this case.

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Wird die Kommission die polnische Regierung in der Angelegenheit um eine Stellungnahme ersuchen? Welche Schritte wird die Kommission einleiten, falls sie diese Beihilfen als mit dem EU-Recht nicht vereinbar bewerten sollte? An enterprise from the region of Mittelrhein has stated that the Polish Government is supporting the export of windows and doors made in Poland to the European internal market.

This support is said to be financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund. How does it assess the fact that the Polish Government is supporting the export of windows and doors made in Poland to the European internal market?

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Will the Commission request a statement from the Polish Government on this issue? The Commission services are currently analysing the complaint and are aware of the fact that the measure in question is based on ERDF support. As part of the assessment, the Commission services requested information from the Polish authorities, which it recently received.

If the Commission finds that incompatible aid has been granted, it orders the Member State to recover the incompatible aid from the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries will then be required to pay back to the Member State's budget the amount of the state aid received together with applicable interest. Red tape and bureaucracy often a hinder those intending to apply for European Union funding.

Pandolfini Casa d'Aste

At the start of this Parliamentary period, it was recognised that red tape and bureaucracy were affecting economic growth and adding to administrative costs. What provisions are envisaged under this new programme Horizon to tackle this problem and what measures are in place to ensure easy access to the programme and that the programme, from start to finish, is straightforward for those who are applying to it? What measures has the Commission in place to give recognition to suitable projects of research and innovation and to inform researchers about the opportunities that are available to them under this programme?

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Small and medium enterprises SMEs are essential for the economy and economic recovery. To that effect, can the Commission provide information concerning the measures that are in place under the Horizon programme to assist and support SMEs with limited resources and limited capacity for innovation? This will make it easier for participants to identify where funding opportunities exist and make access to the programme straightforward. Changes to the Financial Regulation have removed the need to report and recover interest on pre-financing and have paved the way for online, paperless completion of all transactions.

A rigorous system of peer review by external experts is used to identify the best proposals for funding. All calls for proposals are published in the Official Journal, and on the Commission's Participant Portal.

Storia della rivoluzione egiziana 1

Horizon will include a dedicated instrument encouraging single SMEs, or SME consortia, to submit their most innovative ideas. Beneficiaries may access coaching services via the Enterprise Europe Network. The new European Tobacco Directive is causing concern to those in the European Union who are trying to quit smoking. While many sellers and users of vaporisers are in favour of the introduction of legislation and improving standards, they are concerned about this particular proposal as they believe that the proposed limits are too low for those who are trying to quit smoking.

Given that people who use vaporisers are concerned about the proposed reduction in the amount of nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes, could the Commission provide further information on the background to this particular proposal?