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‘In the Face of Our Ghastly Sexual Culture’
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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of A. Sep 23, Mara Eastern rated it really liked it Shelves: women , scotlit. An accessible and comprehensive critical study. The only disappointing chapter is the interview with A. Kennedy, who infamously evades meaningfully answering the interviewer's sensible questions. Jan 24, Kris rated it liked it.

A.L. Kennedy by Kaye Mitchell

Good background material on the author -- the only book of its kind so far, but it is very much geared to students. Mrsvertigo rated it really liked it Apr 14, Lillian rated it it was ok Sep 20, Chris Lilly is currently reading it Oct 02, BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 10, Suzan Al-jholani added it Mar 28, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Kaye Mitchell.

#HiddenPrologues - Sam Leith interviews author,

Kaye Mitchell. The four most depressed llamas in the history of llamas need rescuing too. They are about to be turned into llama pies. But never fear - Uncle Shawn is here!

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He loves rescuing things. He has a rescuing plan, which involves dancing, and a mole, and an electric fence. The first book in a hilarious, heartwarming new series for children from Costa Book of the Year Award-winning author A. Kennedy, featuring a polite badger, the world's most depressed llamas, and an eccentric but extremely kind uncle named Shawn. Badger Bill is having a very bad evening - possibly the worst of his whole life. He's been just been kidnapped by the McGloone sisters, two huge, mean women with eyes the colour of bad-flavoured boiled sweets.

In just two days time, they're going to dress him in unflattering shorts and make him fight Ripper, Snapper and Cracker, three vicious, unimaginatively named dogs. The only things in the world that are more depressed than Bill are four llamas who are about to be made into pies by the unpleasant McGloone sisters' even less pleasant brother, Farmer McGloone. But it's all right, because Uncle Shawn is here, and he has a plan - or part of one.

He's going to rescue Badger Bill and the four llamas with the help of a friendly mole and a few squirrels. As long as his plan works. It involves quite a lot of dancing for a rescue mission - can Uncle Shawn really pull off his plan and save the day? If this is your author page then you can share your Twitter updates with your readers right here on LoveReading. If this is your author page then you can share your Facebook updates with your readers right here on LoveReading. Check out the latest activities in our KidsZone.

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The Button Book Sally Nicholls. Greta and the Giants Zoe Tucker. This can make them sad places. The girl thought that the visitors should come and have dinner with her parents and sniff in the nice smell of soup—or maybe go and stand in her little garden and smell the roses in it.

See a Problem?

Or they could talk to the lady in the bread shop—who whistled and hummed while she fed the birds with breadcrumbs and also fed the people with bread because she liked both birds and people. Or they could watch the beautiful dancing of the kites. Any sensible and observant visitor would see that they were in a friendly city filled with good things and happiness.

The girl liked the city and her garden. She could walk across the garden in exactly six large paces and walk from its top to its bottom in ten large paces. On some afternoons she would take very tiny paces and this would allow the garden to seem twice the size and much more beautiful. The grown ups she explained this to became confused. The longer I take to cross the garden, the larger and more extremely wonderful it becomes in the same way that ice cream becomes much more magnificent when you eat it very slowly with a little spoon.

AL Kennedy

She did not mention that if she stood perfectly still in her garden then it went on forever, because she could never reach its end. That would have made the grown ups frown. Anyway, as I said at the beginning if you remember, this little girl called Mary was one day walking in her garden. She believed it was hers because she loved it.

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She believed that loving something should make it a part of you, in the way that your feet are a part of you. And you would, of course, be very foolish not to love your feet—should you have any—because they can be quite useful. On this particular day, which was a wintery Sunday, the girl was taking extra-tiny steps so that her garden stretched for miles, almost into other countries. This made the four rose bushes into four giant rose trees and the three flowerbeds into vast prairies and the tiny pond into an inland sea of impressive dimensions.

A. L. Kennedy - Author

The little girl put her hands in her pockets to keep them warm because she preferred this to wearing gloves. This was definitely not because she had lost her gloves, as her mother had suggested earlier. The girl also watched her breath appearing in ascending, steamy clouds, as if her body were somehow burning the dead leaves from autumn, or perhaps washing a large number of sheets and producing steam like a laundry. She was perfectly absorbed by what she was doing and so it took a while for her to notice that one of her ankles was feeling slightly unlike the other.

When she looked down to her left she saw that, snugly fitted around her neatly darned woollen stocking, a golden bangle had appeared. There were two jewels in the bangle, which glittered, and from time to time the bangle itself seemed to shimmer, almost as if it were moving.

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  5. She knew this because it told her so. Because she was very sensible, the little girl had not yet acquired the silly habit of talking only to people and would happily address objects and animals that seemed to be in need of conversation, or company. The bangle rippled round her ankle and glistened and its two jewels gleamed like very dark rubies. I am not called Immensely Handsome—that is just one of my many qualities. I am handsome, wise and agile.

    I also have a beautiful speaking voice. And I am extremely fast. At this point Mary thought that the bangle was also rather boastful and she interrupted it, even though it did have a very lovely speaking voice.

    watch It moved so quickly that Mary was still listening to its delightful voice, chuckling to itself and left behind, while its body had gone somewhere further away. You should always be careful about giving your name to anyone and not do it just at once. The bangle slid and wriggled and tickled until she was cupping most of it, neatly coiled in her palm, and the two flecks of colour which she had thought of as jewels were looking at her from a slender, gilded head. People usually are afraid of snakes.